5 Ways to avoid heart disease risks

It’s has become popular that the top word’s risks are health disease. It’s the reason of millions of victims each year. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of your risks, and take advantage to protect your heart health.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute provides some certain steps to lower the risks of heart disease. These tips are not for everyone, search for what apply to you and Take steps to protect keep your heart healthy.

1- Maintain a healthy weight

When you eat healthy foods, keeping a healthy weight can be easier. However, If you need some help with weight management, you have lots of resources. But remember that losing weight and keeping healthy weight can reduce your risks of many health risks.

2- Control blood pressure

It’s important to control your blood pressure, because high blood pressure is also known as hypertension. This silent killer is a serious risk for your kidney disease and stroke. You can reduce blood pressure through a Healthful diet. Lowering your salt intake is an important step in reducing your risk for hypertension.

3- Control cholesterol 

Cholesterol is not always bad thing, HDL cholesterol is good for health. Keep this with these steps: Keep exercising, eating more fruits and vegetables, avoid trans fatty acids which found in baked goods, fried foods and margarines, Quit smoking habits. The steps above will also lower your LDL or bad cholesterol.

4- Eat Healthier

There is a popular proverb , “You are what you eat.” Pay attention to what fuels your body well. A good healthy tip is to eat the rainbow.

5- Control blood sugar

It’s very important to keep monitoring your blood sugar because, High blood sugar can cause diabetes and heart disease.

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