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7 Awful habits that may harm your kidneys

You are lucky to be here because it’s not too late to unlearn these damaging behaviors. In this article we provide you with a list of seven common habits that you have serious harm on your kidneys.  1- Abuse of Salt Shaker  Slice-rich diets are rich in sodium, which has …

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Too much salt in your diet can hurt your immune system

Adding too much salt to your food? This can impact your immune system says new research. As for researchers, eating too much salty diet hurts your immune system and makes it more difficult for your body to struggle against bacterial infections. Adding too much salt to your diet can impact …

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5 Ways to avoid heart disease risks

It’s has become popular that the top word’s risks are health disease. It’s the reason of millions of victims each year. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of your risks, and take advantage to protect your heart health. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute provides some certain steps to …

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5 Signs of vaginal cancer that must not be ignored

For most females who are in a good health should know that vaginal cancer does not have unique indicators, it is a sneaky killer. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention assumed that while all women are susceptible to contracting vaginal cancer, but in different proportions. Despite your age or …

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5 Effective ways to prevent getting breast cancer

Even though there is certain way to prevent breast cancer, there are some few steps that can reduce your likelihood of getting it. Some women inherit it from their family, but most women get breast cancer from other factors. In this article we will show you 5 best ways to reduce …

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6 Early signs that your liver is damaged

Forget about the myths of Superman and Batman, the real superhero to be lionized is the liver! It is truly a life-saver, with its superpowers being that it functions in a smooth way like a well-oiled machine, cleans our blood, helps in digestion, prevents infection. There are a few ways …

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